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• The management and ownership of the website and the services it provides is 'BALAFOUTIS' which will henceforth be referred to as the Company.
• The use of indicates full acceptance of the terms and conditions set by the Company. The user or visitor of the web pages owned by the Company, will henceforth be referred to as the Customer.
• The use of the Company's websites is expressly prohibited in case of non-acceptance of the terms and conditions by the Customer.
• The entire content of the website, as well as the services provided through it, are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.
• Η χρήση του περιεχομένου με οποιοδήποτε τρόπο για εμπορικούς σκοπούς επιτρέπεται μόνο μετά από γραπτή άδεια της Επιχείρησης. Απαγορεύεται η αντιγραφή, επανέκδοση, φόρτωση, διάδοση, διανομή, μεταπώληση του περιεχομένου του δικτυακού τόπου της Επιχείρησης.



• Cookies are small files that are stored on the computer of the user - visitor of a page that uses cookies. They are created when someone uses their browser to visit a page which uses them to record the user's movements within the site, his preferences or to 'remember' login details. They are not used to reveal the user's identity or other personal information and cannot create any problem on the user's computer. The reason for their use is for marketing and optimization of the services offered by a website.

Specifically, cookies contain:
– The name of the server from which the cookie was sent
– The "lifetime" of the cookie
– A parameter, usually a random number

On the website, cookies are used to record the duration of the visit or the frequency of visits to the site in order to improve the user experience. In case of non-acceptance of cookies, the visitor can browse the website without any problem but cannot perform specific actions such as ordering a service, user login, etc.


Transactions - payments

• All transactions made through are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues regarding distance selling. The Company recognizes the importance of the security of Personal Data, as well as electronic transactions, and has taken all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure the maximum possible security. All information related to the customer's personal information is secure and confidential.

• The listed prices of the products are in euros and do not include VAT. The Company reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. It is understood that the Customer always pays the price indicated in the relevant price lists for this product or service at the time of ordering. The Company has the right to offer packages or offers that will have more favorable terms or prices than those that existed when the Customer originally purchased services from the Company. These price and terms changes do not affect the existing prices of the parts.

• The Customer has the option of paying for his orders via bank account deposit, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro credit card and via Paypal. The credit card is debited after checking and certifying the data and its validity. The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording of the credit card details. In case of a deposit to a bank account, the Company will take into account the reason for the deposit and not the name of the depositor for the correct settlement of the order.

• The cooperation can be terminated by any of the parties, without reason. Our Company is not obliged to refund the agreed amount for the period of time remaining from the day of the interruption until its normal expiration in the event that the interruption is requested by the customer or is interrupted by our Company in case of violation of its terms by the customer.

• The present terms of use of the website are drawn up based on all the rules of law of the Greek territory, are governed by Greek Law, by the applicable legislative provisions of the European Union and by International Treaties and are interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, commercial ethics and the social and economic purpose of the right. In the event that a term or provision of the aforementioned terms of use is deemed to be invalid or voidable, such invalidity or invalidity will not affect the validity of the other terms, and the contracting parties will make every possible effort in accordance with the aforementioned principles to replace the invalid ones or voidable provisions or terms, with others that approximate as closely as possible the content of the invalid or voidable terms or provisions.

• The business does not disclose the details of customers and their transactions unless it has written authorization from you or is required to do so by a court order or decision of another public authority. For your own safety you should not disclose to any third parties information that you manage through our service as confidential and confidential.

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